Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Rain Maker

Made last year... a bit of everything... amber, turquoise, coral, silver, pearls, jasper, lapis lazuli, agate, bone, wood... and more...

Dreaming about rain... it's freezing in Europe... -14°C (about 7°F)


alek said...

its really gorgeous girl,
get the hot water bottle out, i used to hang it round my neck and wear it under my coat when i went out in england


Georgina said...

Just found you over at "A Vintage Green Life," and I love your work!!

I'm a second generation American, family is from Mexico and Spain and God knows where else...heard there's a bit of Irish in us too...those Irish get around!! LOL

Living on the border with Mexico gives us here in this Texas border city a wonderful diversity, full of spice, colour, wonderful noises and scents and the the art.

Today, we're having a bit of winter...don't know the temps in Celsius, but it's going to be 53 here today with wind, thankfully no dust...when we have dust storms, we exchange real estate with Mexico and the state of New Mexico!! LOL

Have a lovely weekend.


artistic rejuvenations said...

stunning. sending warm thoughts!

Vintage Green said...

Love to see the variety in your work.
(I would tell you that it's sunny here, but that would be cruel.)

Petra Carpreau said...

Too beautiful for words, and as close as we're likely to get to one of those other magnificent creations of yours that I oggle over every now and again!!
-14!!! Holy crap!

martinisfor2 said...

this is beautiful!!! i loved it when i first laid eyes upon it!!! you have the most creative imagination ever!!! i am sending you loving vibes and thoughts!!!