Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wedding Gift

This is a necklace I made for one of my best friends , she's getting married next saturday !

Sunday, November 25, 2007

more pictures on the other attic (now the link should work, thanks Sherry and Stephanie!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Or how the witchy voodoo necklace ...

Most of the beads on this necklace have a meaning ... some were given to me by far away friends ( Laurence, Lindsay, Anuja , Claudia aka la Pitufina, Chantal) , some were bought or brought from places I like to remember, some bear important dates on them ( like the coins), some I made ( the little goddess), some I altered ( an old silver spoon from my grand mother) ... all of them are part of my life ... all of them tell my story... all of them tell how thankfull I am to be alive , to have visited places, to have met wonderful souls...

The first pictures is the necklace now , the last two is how the necklace was .. as you can see this necklace is a never ending story ... It will end with me ...maybe..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gem Show

a rather crappy picture , the day was rather grey ... sorry

So last weekend was the annual gem show of my town ... I've been a good girl and only spent what I intended to spend! Silver beads , turquoise , some garnet , some agate plus a few goodies I didn't take a picture of ..

I did make jewelry these past days but the things I made are gifts ... so no picture for now ..
oh ... I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments on the previous post ( I should say posts even !) ... It's always nice when people stop by to say "hi" !

Saturday, November 10, 2007

... award

So ... Emma from artemma creations gave me an award ... The thing is when you receive one you have to give five ... five ??? They are more than 5 blogs that make me think ... to be honest all the blogs listed in my links make me think ( otherwise I wouldn't have listed them , wouldn't I ?). So I had to think outside the box ...

Blind spot Jewelry makes me think ... his jewelry is truely awsome... my jewelry is from an imaginary past and so is his stuff .. but he's much more gifted than I am ...

Old Man Lincoln makes me think and smile ... his daily pictures are such a treat ...

Luann Udell makes me think ... a lot ... she shares her experience as a designer which main medium is polymer clay .. but even if you don't use polymer you will find her almost-daily posts helpfull ... good thing with blogs , you can edit them ... so I forget to tell you Luann's art is gorgeous so check her website too ... here

Ok so these were from outside the box ... now two from inside the box!

Alek from bhuddametrics and amorphous potentia ... have a look at those amazing pictures ... you'll understand why ... I wish I had an eye like this!

Lindsay from serendipity ... she's a brilliant artist ... you won't look at yarn the same way again once you see her works ! Check out her website too : LbO studio

What more can I say ... I'm not a prolific writer ... well ... these people make me want to keep on creating, make me want to improve, to get better , to get wiser , to find my way or at least to keep on looking for it!

One more thing .. don't forget to click on the links on the right because they are also worth an award ( ok ...except the other attic which is my second blog) ... but I mean : Ro Bruhn Art
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Merci encore Emma ... comme tu vois, j'ai moi aussi un peu triché !!!