Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Bone Collector

Cotton, bone, wood and brass

Brooch, cotton

Last month, I remembered I saw a dead fox on a dirt path last summer. When I saw it it was in a very bad shape, been laying there for a few rainy days and tractors had driven on it ...
So I decided to take a "little pilgrimage" to the dirt path. Nothing in sight ... then I spotted a white yellow thing in the dirt... I dug a little and found the treasure! Vertebraes, pieces of the jaw, a couple of leg bones, the hip bones, ribs ... I think I have at least half of the skeleton. While I was digging, a man who was walking his dog passed by me... I said hi and then he said hi. When he came back I was still digging so he asked me what I was doing ... "oh just digging out a fox skeleton" and he said "oh well..." and went ...I'm sure he thought I was some kind of weirdo! ;) Pity he did not ask what I was going to do with it ...

Monday, March 22, 2010

And more...

Red Cloud, cotton, leather, buffalo tooth, bone, copper and brass.

Sitting Bull, cotton, burlap, bone, glass and brass
Thanks for all the previous comments!
I tried this recipe yesterday and wowww these are a real treat ! ( yes I do like baking when I get the time!).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Arthur R.

fabric brooches

Wowww ! Thanks to this awsome internet provider I have I realised I was addicted to the net... And my awsome provider made me go "cold turley" for 3 weeks for some very weird technical reasons( well not so cold turkey , I managed to surf a bit with my ipod when I was in town). Now for no reason the net is back ( though the said on monday " not before mid april" ... go figure). But enough is enough and soon we will have a new provider, one that does not cut the connection without warning ... well one can hope...

This said , being without the net can be a blessing ... I made tons of new jewelry and took pictures of it and learn to use my new photo program... I also watch a lot of DVD's ( a thing I don't do often).

Thanks for all the previous comments! I missed you all ! Stay tuned for more jewelry! ;)