Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keeping warm

The white stuff is back and it's cold outside...
So I'm keeping warm and making jewelry ..

A beautiful raku focal made by Laurence, a medieval ring, a bullet case ( given by Sherry) with horse hair, a found bone and an unknown tooth, silver wire, brass and copper on leather cord.
A bit of everything ....
I also want to thank Elsie for buying the Let Love Be necklace and thank you too Dorcas !
Have a great weekend! And thank you for all the previous comments! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let Love Be

copper, polymer clay
copper, brass, seed beads and a gorgeous glass heart made by Lucinda Storms

I try not to watch ... this is too awful and it breaks my heart.

This is the least I can do : making jewelry , selling it and giving the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders ( MSF).

Some people were wondering if I'd re-open my etsy shop. It is now ...
If you browse Etsy, you'll notice I'm not the only one trying to help a bit... so please have a look.
Nina Bagley is also hosting an auction on her blog.
So is Deryn Mentock...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you ever wonder why ...

some jewelry or jewelry findings are so cheap, read this . I must admit, it's scary ... I have been using some "tibetan silver" beads in the past ... I think I won't anymore...

Pour celles et ceux qui ne parlent pas l'anglais :
L'article parle des bijoux et apprêts produits en Chine. Afin de produire au prix le plus bas, beaucoup d'usines utilisent du cadmium au lieu du zinc. Le point de fusion de ce métal étant plus bas que celui du zinc permet de faire de substancielles économies d'énergie ( et réduit l'usure des moules en silicone).Le cadmium est également plus léger que le zinc ( encore une économie!). Et cerise sur le gâteau (empoisonné), il est encore plus nocif que le plomb... J'avoue que tout ça fait froid dans le dos... j'ai par le passé acheté et utilisé des perles en "argent tibétain" ... était-ce de l'étain comme je le croyais, du zinc ou un alliage de zinc/cadmium ?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

And while I'm at it ...

Laurence from Raku Bijoux spoiled me!
A photo holder, some beads and a pendant. The photo doesn't do justice to these beauties. Will take a better one when I get time.
Things she found in her garage... Awsome aren't they? Soon to be wearable things!

And homemade soaps. These are great, better than the stuff you find in the supermarket!


Happy New Year to you!
Thanks for all the comments and wishes!
I have been busy with the craziness of the Holidays and also with editing photos for an article in Blair Magazine. It will be published in next month's issue!
I was contacted by them thanks to Nadège the owner of the gallery where I show my jewelry.
The gallery name is Un Endroit Biz'art. They don't have a website but you can find them on FaceBook. Merci Nadège ! ;)