Friday, April 30, 2010

Gone Not Forgotten

There's something bitter sweet about these old photographs.
Who were they? Why someone's got rid of them?
I'm about to bring them to life... soon

Hello... yesterday was the opening of my students exhibition so I played dress up ( otherwise it's jeans and t-shirt when I'm working )... some students were impressed! The opening was great and I'm really proud of my students( will post pictures next monday so stay tuned!).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Leather, cotton, bone, wood and brass.
I made them last month.
I have a lot of WIP at the moment... working on different ideas for a show .... will post some photos next week!
Thanks for the previous comments and visits!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This and that ...

Look what I found in Manchester, UK .. An old album, most of the pages are blank and a few aren't ( 6 I think). This drawing was made in April 1902 !
I played with my soldering iron this week and got to use the microscope slides Sherry sent me , used them all so I bought some more!

I also practiced what Sherry taught me while I was visiting her last Fall and made these two pendants.

A found stone, brass and copper and an old spoon with an antique livery button and an antique 2 cents Belgian coin ( 1902).
Now let's play tag!
Mireille Duroy tagged me ( make sure to pay her a visit her jewelry is gorgeous!).Merci Mireille! I have to give you the links to 7 blogs I like to visit ... For once they will not be jewelry related ... Let's start:
1. Vanilla Garlic : if you like to cook and if you like being adventurous in your cooking, that's the place!
2. Color Me Katie : if you like to smile.
3. anders-anziehen : if you like to look at other people!
4. Rang- Decor : if you like exotic places.
5. Rodrigvitz Style: if you like colors.
6. Advanced Style : if you think style is ageless.
7. Un prof vide son cartable : rien que pour les francophones, même si vous n'êtes pas prof ( si vous l'êtes, vous vous sentirez moins seul(e)s!).
And I tag everyone who is reading this ... if you feel like playing of course!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Fabric, wood, bone, brass, bullet casing (thank you Sherry !) , polymer clay.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Tudor Voodoo

The focal piece of this necklace is made of a Tudor era clothing fastener, a swivelling hoop ( Tudor? Medieval?), fibers, a Roman time carnelian and a Tudor bronze heart. The chain is vintage silver from Syria....
It's a lighter alternative to my voodoo necklace... I made it last year, I think it will have a brother soon ( I have another clothing fastener waiting to be used!).
I wish you all a Happy Easter!