Sunday, June 05, 2011

sunday eye candy

Turquoise or the "Turkish" stone. The color blue is associated with the sky, the air, with the holy. Once again it's a stone considered to protect against evil. It is used in many places around the world. In Tibet, they like to mix it with amber, coral and gold while in the South West of the US, it's mixed with silver and coral or shell.

The turquoise on this necklace is fake, it's polymer clay. The blue ceramic bead on the left was made by my friend Suzanne, on the right of the faux turquoise is a bead Sherry sent a while back. The copper pendant was made some 5 years ago, yes it's been sitting in my drawer for that long ( the same goes for some of the beads in the first picture and for the coral of last week... I'm a hoarder...).

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