Tuesday, June 21, 2011

as it is..

June update of the "monster"...

Wishing you a Happy Summer!


Vintage Green said...

I could look at this for hours...
This is the first time I have seen the back neck part......I love it!
Yup.....that's a big ol' wonderful monster!!!

How do you display this when you aren't wearing it?

Happy Summer Solstice to you as well!!!!

WondrousStrange said...

I agree...would that I could have it in my possession for an hour to touch and feel its power:)

I am starting to set aside some pieces to start my own voodoo neck piece:)There will be several of your pieces you have sent in the assemblage:)

Great to see the back...to see how you comfortably wear such weight!

Anonymous said...

Waouh! Terrible ce collier!
Et enchantée, Lucky!

Merci pour les infos sur l'origine de l'aspartame. Ayant entendu tout et son contraire sur sa nocivité (ou pas), je ne savais qu'en penser. Mais avec le trio Rumsfeld - Reagan - Monsanto, ben c'est fait, j'ai arrêté au maximum (ne reste plus que celui des chewing gum mais j'en ai encore besoin pour assurer le sevrage de la clope).

Jay said...

Way cool.

So glad you've been busy of late. I need to check in to see what you're up to more often.