Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lucie's Beaded Beads

You might remember these beads. Lucie from Bijoux EclecTiQues made them for me.

Today while I was looking for some pendants I made and put away in a safe place, I saw them or should I say they saw me : " c'mon make something with us" they were shouting. I did. I made these earrings. Silver plated copper, Lucie's BB and sterling earwires.

I also found the pendants...much later and of course not where I thought they were!


WondrousStrange said...

The sub-plot of our lives...looking for those pretties we stored in that special place...only to forget where that special place is! The earrings are quite splendid...red always cheers me up! Good use of your time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, je les avais oubliées! Si tu en veux d'autres, c'est toujours possible, dans la limite des couleurs disponibles ;-)
Contrairement à ce que mon blog peut laisser croire, j'ai toujours les mains dans les perles!

Julie H said...

Oh yes, those 'safe places' - I wish I could remember where mine are too!
Lovely beads though.