Friday, August 28, 2009

The Heart of a Black Crow

Silver plated copper, resin beads, cotton fabric, polymer clay

Many many years ago, I rescued a black crow. I think it has been learning to fly and never made it back to the nest. It was all alone by the side of the road. I kept it for 6 months. It never learned to fly. It could use its wings to land but not to take off. Even landings were not that good because once it ripped the under of its wing on some wire. I do not think the vet ever stitched a crow wing before!

During the days it was free to wander around the house and then one day it disappeared. I wish the story had a happy ending, I loved this bird. Wish I could say it finally learned to fly and got back to its crow family. I don't think it did, more likely a buzzard got it. Its name was Bataki, it's the name of the Raven in the book "Nils Holgersson" , there are crows too in the story though but their names did not appeal to me and they were not as nice as the raven was !
Thank you all for stopping by my blog and thanks for your lovely comments!
Oh! I also want to share a link with you. This artist makes wonders with fabric and images : Les bijoux d'Odette. Go have a look, you won't be disappointed!


WondrousStrange said...

I have heard crows are very smart...I have never been able to get close to one. I am envious of your time with this sorry that it vanished one day. This is a lovely memorial to Bataki!

I once raise four tiny wild rabbits...such an experience being their Momma for two months. Only lost one of the group, but was able to release the other three into the wild near a farm pond surrounded by brier brambles. Seemed a really safe place to have them make a home. Have not thought about them in several years...glad the memory resurfaced!

Lucie said...

J'ai vaguement compris alors je vais aller chercher un dico pour le reste ;-)
C'est vrai que ça s'apprivoise?
Ah les joies de la campagnes... j'aime bien la dernière cigarette avant d'aller dormir, je croise souvent quelqu'un: chat, hérisson, crapaud, tout ça en écoutant les chouettes...

Et évidemment j'aime ton collier, et les Bijoux d'Odette!

Still Waters Studio said...

I have always liked crows for some reason. They have such an intelligent look to them.
I raised a baby robin once with much the same sad outcome. We have to try though.

Bérilune said...

J'adore tes bijoux avec transferts! Ils sont vraiment très originaux!!!

Babette said...

superbe l'association. j'aime

et j'aime aussi beaucoup les bijoux d'Odette...