Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hidden Missives

A few weeks ago I traded some stuff with Jay from Hidden Missives.
He sent this "NeolithicCritter" and the other one who has no name...yet.
These are tiny ,a little bit less than one inch! But the details are amazing. I have been a fan of Jay's work for a few years now. Make sure to visit his blog.

I still don't know what name to give to the last one. One thing I know, it's a"she".
Could you help me find her name and maybe her biography?
The one I'll like best will win the "Teeth" earrings of the other day! So are you ready to play?
I'll choose the winner next friday, might even ask Jay to help me pick the winner !


WondrousStrange said...

Wonderful to put my thinking cap on for this one...back later with my thoughts on her name.

Anonymous said...

Tiens c'est drôle, il n'y a pas longtemps, j'ai regardé un documentaire sur les origines de la civilisation, où il y avait une vieille borgne édentée. Je ne me souviens plus comment elle s'appelait. Elle avait dû avoir un accident de chasse...
Si jamais une idée me vient, inutile de me compter: je n'ai toujours pas les oreilles percées!

J'adore la première tête!

WondrousStrange said...

I thinks this looks like the Russian witch Babba Yagga in her true state. I am sending to your email a digital alteration in lieu of a story..."a picture is worth a thousand words"?

So this is my offering!! This is Babba Yagga in stone effigy!

Jay said...

Did you folks see those faux bone earrings? Get your names in!

(Can't say I recognize the tale Anonymous alludes to, but Babba Yagga is someone I've wanted to make for some time. I hope to see Wondrous' alteration)

see you there! said...

My coice would be Kali - the Hindu Goddess who's name relates to "time".

Love the piece.


Karen Cole said...

Ok.....I will also have to think on this one, however, I do not need to think any further to offer you a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! I just received your very generous gift, Steph. I am so flattered and happy. It was really above and beyond the call of duty.

The orange earrings will be perfect for this and I will hang the beautiful doughnut bead from a chain. You are too kind, indeed.

Keep your eyes open for something from me one of these days.

Thanks so much.

xo Karen

The jeweler that you mention in your last post is pretty amazing.