Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tom Thumb

A few days ago, Gayle ( A Vintage Green Life) and I were talking ( well e-mailing) about epoxy paste... she used some on her new project and she asked me if I ever used it... I said I did but mostly to glue stuff together ( like horsehair in bullet casing) ..then I remember I once used it to make a ring.. a weird ring...I made it some two years ago... my left thumb cast in resin... and I have all the other fingers of my left hand waiting to be set in epoxy clay... they have been waiting for two years... maybe it's about time I finish this project, don't you think?


lyle baxter said...

The "toms" look to me like a pair of elves shoes! yes. do the others ! fascinating!

Vintage Green said...

Is that all one piece or is "the thumb" in a setting?

Still Waters Studio said...

It would look funny if you wore all 5 finger rings on the appropriate fingers. It does look a little like an elf shoe. :-)