Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mireille et ses merveilles

Some time ago I did a swap with Mireille ( she makes the tiniest, cutest eye beads I've ever seen. I send her some stuff. You can see them on her blog.
Here's what she sent to me. The first photo is to give you an idea of the size of her beads... yep they are that tiny!

If you take a close look to my voodoo necklace, you can see three tiny eyes and a wolf tooth Mireille sent. And of course, they are some beads Sherry gave me, some from Lindsay, some from Lucie, some from Lucinda, some from Laurence, some from Suzanne..... One day I will detail all the beads and elements... I promise!

Here's another Dr John video. Wait 'til the end, he explains his necklace...


robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Steph

Haven't visited you for a while. come over to my nest. i have a give away for 24 hours only! might make up for me never following through with the tassel!

elsiee said...

those eye beads are DELICIOUS!!!

Still Waters Studio said...

I guess you could call it a memory necklace too. Things that remind you of friends, family, and places.