Friday, February 12, 2010

Round Robin - Round I

Today I received Lucie's necklace and I sent mine to Sherry... well I sent both to Sherry.
Each necklace will travel with its own purse. I made mine and I also made Lucie's because I think I got lost in translation and forgot to tell her about the purse. The burlap one is the one I made for her.. it's still quite rough -and the photo is really not good. I hope Sherry and Lindsay will work their magic on it and make it look better ! ;)


Narrative jewelry said...

Oh i didn't know you were doing a round robin too. That's a great experience. Can't wait to see the results.

Still Waters Studio said...

I just mailed my necklace to Lindsay today and when I saw your bags I realized that I forgot to photograph it before I sent it. Oh will look different when I get it back. I love yours. It looks very Jack Sparrow-ish and the one for Lucy is very cool. I'm so excited to start on our adventure.

Lucie said...

Encore toutes mes excuses...
Je n'aurais pas fait mieux que la tienne en tous cas!
Je suis pressée de voir tourner ces colliers, héhé!!