Monday, May 04, 2009

Playing Tag

Mitsy at Artmind had a fun tag game on her blog ... since she invited anyone to join the fun I thought I'd play along.

So here are the rules:

The rules are to answer the questions, replacing one and adding another, and then to tag eight other bloggers to do the same. Like Mitsy did, I won't tag anyone ... so feel free to join the fun !

What are your current obsessions? Old beads, rare beads, weird beads... well ... beads.
Music wise, my current obession is Leonard Cohen live in London

What are you currently reading? A few books : The Shape Shifter by Tony Hillerman, The World According to Clarkson V2 . I’m also re-reading Amulets by Sheila Paine

Where do you plan to travel to next? Well I was about to plan a trip to Mexico to see one of my best friends ... maybe not this year after all :(

What is your dream career? I don’t really have one ... maybe it’s because I quite enjoy the one I have ( don’t get me wrong there are ups and downs ...).

What is your favourite film ever? Tough question... any film directed by Clint Eastwood plus... well... many others : Harold and Maud, The Color Purple, Capitaine Conan, La vie et rien d’autre ( the last two were directed by Bertrand Tavernier)...

Care to share some wisdom? In French first : On se croit mèche, on n’est que suif (Jacques Brel)... then in English : There is a crack in every thing,that’s how the light gets in ( Leonard Cohen).

What is your desert island disc? See the first question ;)

If you could be any animal other than human, what would you be? A black crow.

What is your favorite stone? Turquoise.

What is your favorite art supply? Errrr... beads? ;)

And now for the question I’m adding ... now that’s tough because I have many questions I’d ask people ... ok here is one :

Would you kill your own food if you had to ? Even though I’m almost vegeterian , yes I would if I had to...

On the exhibition front, I took "crappy" photos so will have to take some more next time I'm at the gallery ... hopefully this week ...

On the Etsy front, I added some old coins in my shop and will soon add some stoneware clay pendants and I'm also working on a Voodoo Necklace similar to the one I made for myself .. when it's finished I'll list it on Etsy...

Thanks for all your previous comments! :)


ArtMind said...

Haha, you cheated with the movies! I wanted to mention more too! LOL
I love the wise words you have!
Thanks for playing Steph!
I saw the awesome coins in your shop yesterday and was thinking about what I could do with them! LOL :) ;)

D said...

Love the Cohen quote!!

Stephanie said...

so fun getting to know you better...AND, am loving Leonard Cohen AND that quote of his is my all time favorite....