Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Voodoo and Chickens

Look what the postman brought. I ordered a mexican voodoo pendant from Lucinda of Belvedere Beads. And she added a couple of gorgeous beads to the package ! If you've never stopped by her blog, please do...
Now I own 3 mexican voodoo pendants. Lucinda makes them with orphan beads. Aren't they cool?
And now some updates about Cocotte ( my way of saying thank you to you, Lucinda! )
A few years ago I had to save Cocotte from the other chickens. I don't know what she did or said but the others were after her. And when I say after her, I mean they would have killed her.
So Cocotte lived the life of a spoiled chicken. She had her own house ( I built it myself), she was free to wander around. I gave her cat bits as treats... When I was calling her name she was running to me! Sometimes I would forget to lock her up but she didn't mind.
But about 3 weeks ago, I did not forget to lock her up and she has been one lucky chicken.
Because Mr ( or is it Mrs ?) Fox paid a visit. Unfortunatly, the other chickens weren't locked (don't blame me, I am not the one in charge regarding those...). So I guess for the Fox it was like winning the lottery.. He killed 5 chickens, took two away... Of the 3 dead ones it left , I kept the legs ( yes, I know I'm weird), they're drying in the attic!
This said, we decided to see if Cocotte would like the join the rest of the chickens and she did ( before the visit of the fox, she was wandering a lot near the others, it was like if she wanted to be with them).
So now Cocotte lives with her sisters ( I guess the ones who wanted to frame her were among the unlucky ones... ). She still knows her name but she's not that bothered ... But I'm sure she's happy ( as long as she's safe at night !).
Stay tuned, soon some new jewelry and an unexpected four legged guest!


belvedere beads said...

steph - thanks for linking to my blog and posting the pics. don't you miss little cocotte? it's nice to know that chickens can forgive and forget.

Stephanie said...

I love those little bone skulls, they are great!

Your chicken story...oh my, she must be happy with her friends but I'm SURE she misses your attention!

Still Waters Studio said...

Chickens can be so cruel to each other. I'm glad that she is assimilating happily.

Anonymous said...

Et si Cocotte avait médité longtemps sa vengeance, et qu'elle avait fait un pacte avec le renard??? Après tout, personne ne sait ce dont une poule est capable...

Anonymous said...

IL en est ainsi des enfants... quand ils quittent le nid. Cocote a prolongé son adolescence, et maintenant, elle est devenue une vraie poule. On y perd des plumes, certes, mais au final, tout est bien ainsi, dans l'ordre des choses...