Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cherubs and Gargoyle

First, the cherubs ... they were saved from a piece of a victorian era bracelet. I added some rough amber beads.

And the Gargoyle trying to get through the cat flap ( of the well named mud room!). He's the dog of a neglecting neighbor... and it seems he finds more love here than where he's supposed to live..

I'm quite busy at the moment. I've been asked to be part of a craft show and I have been making a lot of new jewelry... more soon!

Thanks for all the previous comments ... it's always nice when someone stops by to say hi!

Merci pour tous vos commentaires, c'est toujours agréable quand quelqu'un prend le temps de dire bonjour!


Cheryl Van Dyck said...

I love the cherub earrings, but my favorite is the gargoyle! Thanks for making me smile!! Can't wait to see the new things you are working on!

Still Waters Studio said...

I got a chuckle from the gargoyle picture too. One of our neighbor's dogs keeps coming to our house too. I think it is the same situation, that he gets more love here than at home.
The cherub earrings are beautiful! I hope you do well at the craft show.

Anonymous said...

MDR! C'était la journée des bien potelés?

Julie H said...

That puppy is too cute, can you adopt it? I would like to hang out in your studio too, perhaps he likes jewellery.