Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You’re not doing the Earth any good, ya know…

No, you aren't...


Do you know that it requires a lot of energy to keep photos online? A lot of it since there are gazillions of gazillions of photos online… I do know this… and I don’t feel good about it when I think of it… I have two blogs, a flickr account and a FB account… and oh, yes a pinterest account … but I have no boards… I joined because I was curious and slightly annoyed to see my stuff there…

I am more than annoyed now… I see a lot of traffic on my blog… a lot more than before… and most of the traffic comes from pinterest… I see some people spending hours on my blog, downloading photos from my blog… do they leave any comment to say they paid you a visit??? No… they don’t … the door was open and they grabbed what they thought they might like or what they thought their followers might like…  I do not want to lock the door… my blog is there for sharing my art and in this case, my rants… it’s a place where I met a lot of interesting people… and some very dear to my heart…  so I don’t want to lock the door and if friends want to put my stuff on their boards… that’s fine.. they are friends… but you, people that I do not know…I don’t really feel comfortable about it…  would it be too much to ask you to leave a comment first like “hey I really like this stuff, are you okay if I pin it on my board and here is the link to it” … now that would be nice… you know…  but it takes time… people have no time … for that… it’s a race… who will be the first to have like a million photos pinned on their boards… what a milestone! And it also makes me think of those Japanese tourists… the ones who book a 5 days tour of Europe… and all the time they take photos… they see nothing… but they got photos to prove they were there… 

So, yes, you were on my blog… there are pictures on your boards to prove it…  you sometimes even pin the same one two or three times… hard to remember you’ve already pinned it when you have thousands of photos pinned all over your boards…

edit : I have no problem sharing what I do, it's a blog, it's public... my problem is sharing without my knowing...that bothers me...


One of the boards I saw my stuff on was called « things to do if I have time » …

Well if you were not on pinterest or FB or twitter, here are a few things you could do :

1.       Create something (no, not a board… a real thing)

2.       Write an e-mail to a friend

3.       Call a friend

4.       Go for a drink with a friend

5.       Work out

6.       Watch a documentary

7.       Walk the dog (if you have one)

8.       Feed the cat (if you have one)

9.       Write a post (if you have a blog)

10.   Write a comment on someone’s blog

11.   Read a book

12.   Bake something

13.   Take a walk

14.   Take a nap

15.   Draw something

16.   Wash the dishes

17.    Clean the house

18.   De-clutter your closet

19.   De-clutter the computer

20.   Go see an exhibition

21.   Stop reading this silly list and do something that doesn’t involve a computer! ;)


Gayle said...

Well thought out, and well said.
It seems it's the same old story with a new name......"Pintrest Piranha."

Anonymous said...

Very rightfully said... and yes I am guilty to have put some of your images on my board and yes should have asked you first and yes we do correspond from time to time on Etsy mainly.
Apoloties so may I keep your stuff on my boards.. (they are cherished and appreciated) but if you feel they should not be just say so and I will remove them.. Pinterest makes a lot of creativity and sales and information go round and round. For me it is my treasury box, the one I look too for inspiration, getting away from life, admiring the endless richness of creativity and wisdom and beauty of the world and it gives me confidence in my taste, others etc.. and much much more and I wish I could lock it but I cannot.
Still je te comprends alors tu m e diras.

Avec affection Beatrice (Sultane des Ours sur Pinterest).

:-) (je sais pas comment mettre autrement qu'anonymous et je v te l'envoyer now. )

sue said...

I am in agreeance - and have felt a bit squiffy when images of my work pops up on a random Pinterest board. On the other hand, I have been able to find some great artists and their blogs via Pinterest ... On the other, other hand, some pinners don't leave appropriate links ... I think it is just courteous to say 'hello' and let a body know that you are filching an image to pin. I think it is a big ol' can of worms frankly!

lyle baxter said...

I'm with you! just be polite enough to ask!

Toni Baxter said...

Steph----I enjoy your photos and your creations. I feel your annoyance at the rudeness of grabbing photos without a thought to the owner. That is one of the reasons why children today have no respect for others, their property, their lives. Then parents wonder why children treat them so poorly. "teach your children well....." I'm with you Steph!

Anonymous said...

Isnt that just tha case with the whole world(it seems) 2day, every1's just too rushed & too busy for basic manners & nicities! Good on you for voicing ur issue, I was taught that you dont take something that dooesnt belong to you w/out asking first..... what ever happened to common politeness? I sometimes get amazed at what the parents dont teach kids 2day! from what i've seen most of them just hand them an i-phone, which is the new babysitter to replace telly, no wonder they pinch ur images! they're in shock that pepole can still craft & create with their own hands! sorry to rant! - but its TRUE! keep up the lovely work! jodi.x

elsie said...

there seem to be a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands and NO manners... of course you're going to be "PINed" to death because your work is so gorgeous and unique... I'm sorry strangers are annoying you

Bohemian said...

Your Creations are so Interesting and Unique that I am not surprised that they are Adored here in the Land of Blog and Elsewhere. But I certainly agree that consideration and taking the time to connect in a meaningful way has somehow been lost along the way in this new age of Technology. So... on the one hand I Love it... but on the other hand I do feel conflicted about how anonymous and intrusive it can become. A good rant is always a great way to release how you feel and make others aware of what could be an irritant to someone. May no-one that is a Supporter of your Blog ever feel like a Stranger, you provide such Inspiration that I for one truly Enjoy coming for a Visit.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

LindaM said...

I am guilty of not leaving a comment, however, I do not download photos as a rule and if I did, I most certainly would ask. I love your blog but the reason I didn't comment is that I am dealing with an illness and at times, I just can't focus. Blogs and work like yours feel healing to me so I just look at your work and meditate.
I will certainly comment more from here on out.

Angelina Vamp Of Vintage said...

I LOVE your creations and your blog so interesting!! Are your pieces available for sale!!

PS I did find out about you and your amazing creations of Pinterest!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I agree with you that people should ask. I've found photos of my work in strange places with no attribution; it's rude to say the least. I'm curious, though, as to how you can tell how long someone was on your blog, and whether they pinned something?

Trollis said...

Hehe, I just got to this blog (Again) through pinterest, and thought that I should write and tell you how much your work amaze me, and this post shows up. A little bit funny in my eyes.

But hey, I love you creations and you are such an inspiration to me.

Miss Ruthie said...

Hello, I just came through Pinterest, where I saw one of your creations that someone else had pinned and wanted to see more because I fell in love with it. I understand how it can be upsetting, I worry about people pinning my stuff with no credit and so many pins that I have repinned have no credit or website or anything attached to them. As another artist this makes me feel queasy...I won't pin any more of your photos, but I hope you won't mind if I come back from time to time and see what you are doing, as I love your work.