Tuesday, December 06, 2011


When I was in Arkansas last Spring, Bobbi told me that she'd send me "some" stuff to use in my jewelry... this huge stash was waiting for me when I got back home yesterday... Thank you so much Bobbi, my "vengeance" is brewing... ;)

Better photos of the other day's beads

Two rings from my collection, I got them a while back (3 years ago, I think), I decided to wear them... they're a bit large so I made them smaller with some silk rags... The ring on the left is Roman and the other one is Greek... they're over 2000 years old... I wonder who wore them, who lost them...

And I tell you, nothing's like using a tripod...


Vintage Green said...

Those rings!!
Oh the stories they could tell!
I sort of like it that they need the red wrapped around them...makes them interesting.

And what a fun stash to go through and play with!!

A Wild Thing said...

Yes indeed, what fun stuff to play with...the rings are to die for and yes, I would wonder as well, of the tales these two beauties would tell. I remember as a teenager going steady with a boy and getting to wear his class ring, we would wrap the huge rings in yarn to make them fit...back in the day!

Your beads look as if they were once alive, love them!


Petra Carpreau said...

What a lovely surprise to come home to! I love your chunky beads - they look a bit like wood - a bit like some kind of nuts. Will they turn into a Christmas present to you?
Those rings are wonderful - how on earth did you come by them? Amazing thought to have 2000 years of life on your finger!

alek said...

o these rings are gorgeous steph

Palimpa Lim said...

Oh those rings!!!
The sari fabric makes them even more beautiful and looks like it was part of the design. Great idea!!

NuminosityBeads said...

I'm really enjoying your blog with so many goodies to see. Those rings are really special. I like how varied your beads are. I'd love to do a swap some day... perhaps whe I get back from India and the Tucson gem show next February.
and I make my own lampwork and headpins too.
xoxo Kim