Wednesday, October 05, 2011

more curiosities

Shaman necklace from Nepal

Silver Tuareg cross

Pre-ban ivory necklace, Gayle found a similar one at Good Will (lucky girl!)

Pre-ban ivory bracelet

And a polymer clay necklace I made 5 years ago ( feels like yesterday though).

Might turn the house into a museum... lol...


Vintage Green said...

Thanks! I always love to see the treasures from your "curated ongoing exhibit". I think your ivory elephant necklace is nicer than mine, has those extra carved beads. I was going to take mine apart and make something else from the I am having second thoughts. That ivory bracelet....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Où donc as-tu trouvé le collier népalais? Le collier en ivoire est superbe aussi. Tu les portes?
J'essaierai de prendre des photos d'autres trucs quand mon appart sera refait.