Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Made in the USA

Made in Arkansas.
Jay from Hidden Missives let me play with his polymer clay and his molds...
And he even let me ransack his shelves of faces... well he said I could take a few and I got carried away...hmmm... tomorrow something is going to AK to make up for that... ;)

Made in Tennessee.

Sherry taught me to make some transfer on polymer clay and she gave me a few boxes to decorate with this technique... She's an awesome teacher!

I did not make anything in Chicago but took a lot of photos there.

.....Meet Handsome Jack and Miss Josie, they are Lindsay's four legged kids


WondrousStrange said...

You got to visit Jay?? How wonderful...know you had a great time in his stache of goodies....and learned from his unique take on "the face". Just love his work! Have several of his faces:)

Still Waters Studio said...

Wow! The faces look like something from an archaeological dig. Very ancient.
The puppies are so cute! Now I can put names with faces.
You are a great teacher too!

Jay said...

We're glad you visited us, Steph. You are good company. And I'm happy to share my faces with someone who will put them to use in what I know will be creative ways. Show me what you make with them and I'll send more.

I can't wait for my voodoo bird. But when you address the package, remember Arkansas is AR, not AK. We don't want that bird flying to Alaska!

(Thanks, Wondrous Strange. You come visit, too.)