Thursday, March 18, 2010


Arthur R.

fabric brooches

Wowww ! Thanks to this awsome internet provider I have I realised I was addicted to the net... And my awsome provider made me go "cold turley" for 3 weeks for some very weird technical reasons( well not so cold turkey , I managed to surf a bit with my ipod when I was in town). Now for no reason the net is back ( though the said on monday " not before mid april" ... go figure). But enough is enough and soon we will have a new provider, one that does not cut the connection without warning ... well one can hope...

This said , being without the net can be a blessing ... I made tons of new jewelry and took pictures of it and learn to use my new photo program... I also watch a lot of DVD's ( a thing I don't do often).

Thanks for all the previous comments! I missed you all ! Stay tuned for more jewelry! ;)


Little Brown Sparrow said...

3 weeks?! You should get a prize.

My computer went into a coma the other day and I was out of internet for a night- that was hard. It was kind of nice though, not having that distraction. It was funny as I'd said to myself only the night before that I spent way too much time online and I needed to find a way to cut back. Be careful what you wish for!

Kath said...

Gosh, it seems like longer. I know what you mean tho, you get somuch more done. I am a terrible time waster when I get my laptop out :D
Love the denim!

Anonymous said...

Bah, on en est toutes là avec internet! Je sens que je deviens aussi à la TV alors que je m'en suis très bien passée pendant des années... je n'aurais jamais du acheter cet engin!
Très beau le collier Rimbaud! Les broches aussi. Ce sont tes 1ères, non?
PS: euh oui, un mois, c'est inquiétant...

Stephanie said...

Well welcome back!! Ugh these internet connections are so very frustrating when it all goes astray!

These new fabric brooches, very nice, I like the texture of the images transferred to fabric.