Monday, December 21, 2009


This is what I saw from my window on Saturday morning.... reading the news, a lot of people in Europe and the East Coast of the US saw the white stuff too ... keep warm!

Don't you love when someone knows exactly what kind of surprise you'd love ?
This amazing fish bone ( a saw fish?) was given to me by a dear friend whose Uncle works in Brazil.
She also gave me this gorgeous seeds and feathers necklace.

And I also received this beautiful stone from another friend. It seems to be flint and the hole is natural.

This necklace is made of two watch chains ( from my grand fathers), a bronze "thing" from the Middle Age, a kind of magnifier ( found at the flea market last summer) . The crystal and the bullet case are from Sherry.


Jen Crossley said...

HOw wonderful snow, all I see is a Hot summer and Christmas LOL.
I love your necklace just awesome as always
PS Merry Christmas and a Creative 2010

Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful gifts for a wonderful friend. The necklace is gorgeous, so original(i need to discover new words to describe your jewelry world !) I have to ask for a dictionary to father Christmas...
Bon Noël à toi.

Anonymous said...

Et oui, ici aussi on a été coincés sous la neige mais ça commence à fondre.
Très beau ton nouveau collier! Et celui avec les plumes aussi.
La suite du message par mail ;-)

Stephanie said...

lovely site out your window...I'm seeing a lot of the white stuff myself.

Saw you over on Seth's blog....

hope you had a very merry Christmas.


elsiee said...

steph - just a quick note to say that I have really enjoyed following your blog this year and can't wait to see what 2010 brings - a reopened etsy shop perhaps.. :) namaste, elsie

Bérilune said...

Une très bonne année pleine de tes si jolies créations !

Julie H said...

What wonderful gifts you have received and the necklace is fantastic. The Middle Ages Thingy is perfect.

Have a Happy and Creative New Year.

Karen Cole said...

Yes, it is cold here as well. I often wonder why the early settlers ever stayed once the cold set in. I am a warm weather girl. I like sandals. I suppose it was convenient for keeping their food from spoiling.

Your work is looking beautiful, Steph. You are constantly adding new surprises. I get lots of compliments on your earrings....and lovely gifts you received!

Your blog looks fabulous, too. I love the white and black. Which of bloggers templates are you using now?

Happy new year!!!
xo K