Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a kind of magic ...

Internet is ...
On March the 31st 2007, I noticed someone from Tennessee left a link to my blog on their blog.
So I visited this blog and left a comment.
More than two years later after many e-mails and mails and packages I finally met Sherry.
I have been blessed to meet her and her family. They are awsome and generous people.

During my stay we explored Middle Tennessee, met a lot of interesting people and had some kind of jewelry workshop at StillWaters studio! We made faux polymer clay turquoise, other kind of beads, Sherry made some glass beads ( I was to0 scared to try : glass and fire together sound a bit scary to me and also using both hands at the same time!), we etched some copper, carved some stones, made some soldered bezels and fused some glass ... It was so fun to work together and to get to see how each of us gets things done.
We also went to see The Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition in Nashville and I got to see the Bat Tower!
We went to some cool stores and galleries too.
I also got to meet Shawn from Silo Studio ( she makes cool signs and cool furniture).

Here some of the stuff I made

Sherry wrote on her blog that her life is richer now she has a new friend, it's the same for me.
I really hope she will visit my tiny country and stay at my tiny tiny home!
Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful week, Sherry. I am very fortunate to know you :)


Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful story of friendship you shared with us Steph. And how lucky girl you are to met Sherry. I really love her work too.

Your new creations are wonderful.


Lindsay said...

:-) What a lovely story. The next time you visit, you have to head north on Interstate 65 and visit Chicago!

WondrousStrange said...

It is magic when friends meet for the first time! I know you both had such a wonderful time getting to know each other better...and creating together!

Still Waters Studio said...

It was fun to read your end of the story! I greatly look forward to visiting Belgium and your home and meeting your family and friends too.
I love what you did with the bat tower!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Ravie d'avoir ce petit compte-rendu!
J'aime beaucoup les bijoux que tu as faits là-bas!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful!! I LOVE when these blog connections meet and become even more full!

AND, Nashville! I've been in Nashville twice in the past month, wonder if I would have recognized you if I walked past...noticed your jewelry.

Looks like a very special trip...

Julie H said...

I love that two of my favourite bloggers have got together - what wonderful art! Love the textrued bezel.

Cindy said...

This is truly an amazing story...that the two of you met through your blog and that you traveled all the way to the States to meet! I adore both of your two must be kindred souls.