Friday, July 17, 2009

13 parts of my world ...

To have a better look just click on the picture!

1. Hello !
2. Bench pin.
3. Skulls ( and Lucie's necklace)
4. I just painted the kitchen could'nt resist showing it!
5. Voodoo bead soup.
6. My model and her necklaces.
7. Prayer flags
8. Pliers ( and yes I need them all).
9. Beach glass soup ( a gift from a gifted friend... she has no blog yet).
10. Voodoo bead soup.
11. Beads,beads and more beads.
12. and more beads.
13. And ...

This was to answer Lindsay's post from last week !
Hope you're all enjoying the summer ( and the winter as well !)


Anonymous said...

Et moi je bave devant tes perles et devant les colliers de ton mannequin! Les claviers sont malmenés cette semaine, lol.
Très surprenantes les couleurs des murs ;-)

D said...

Wonderful to get a glimpse into your studio! I can see now why your work is so original and colorful!! Thanks for letting us "in". D

Kath said...

What a lovely peep into your creative world, I did enjoy it. I wanted to get right into the picture and start opening those exciting little drawers! best wishes Kath in England

elsiee said...

I love the photographs of your world- come by my blog I FINALLY posted the lovely lovely jewelry you sent me:

Narrative jewelry said...

De très belles photos de toutes ces choses qui font ton intimité et qui expliquent en partie l'originalité de tes créations. Me permettrais-je d'ajouter que, pour ne rien gâcher, tu es très jolie.

Merci à toi de ce partage.



Still Waters Studio said...

Wow! That's a lot of beads! And I love the color that you painted your kitchen. My friend Shawn's kitchen is the same color and I've always loved it.
Thanks for the glimpses of your world.

Lindsay said...

Big grin! I love the photos of your studio! You actually think I have more beads???????? HA!

Et j'adore le colour de votre cuisine!

robin dudley-howes said...

Thanks for flying over to my nest. I loved seeing "you" and all the yummy beads. Great storage and shrines.