Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spoiled ... again ...

Yes... again ... Sherry spoiled me with this beautiful scarf and card ( this scarf is as soft as the one Lindsay sent me) ... now ( as Sherry said) with these two scarves it won'tbe a problem to keep warm ! Thanks so much Sherry ! By the way ... check her etsy store and also Lindsay's !

And yesterday , I received a package from Lucinda ... A gorgeous vintage tin with the most awsome glass beads I've ever had ( plus a mexican voodoo pendant). Many many thanks to you Lucinda !Click on the pictures to see the full scale. And also please, check her stores too : belvedere beads and curious old things.

Last weekend I made some polymer clay pendants, here's one:

Thank you all for all the previous comments and birthday wishes! Merci beaucoup!


Still Waters Studio said...

Yes, quite spoiled indeed...but you deserve it.
Lovely gifts and I love the new pendant. Is that gold leaf?

Lindsay said...

Oh wow! So many lovely things. Love your new scarf and the fab beads.

I received your package and am also feeling thorougly spoiled. I especially love the oversized buttons that look like poppies. WOW! I need to make a mohair jacket with the red one as the top closure. Zippy!

The elderly I teach are in awe of your work. I am going to get some clay and see if their hands are strong enough to work with it. I think they would enjoy the process, as well as the product.

You are an inspiration!