Saturday, November 08, 2008


So… I’ve been tagged by Andee ( make sure to check her blog, her jewelry is gorgeous !).
I have to share 7 random things about myself with you...
As you might have noticed, I don’t usually say much about myself ( though the pictures and jewelry do the talking for me!), well for once I’ll do the talking!

#1. I don’t like phones ... I know they are useful devices but they are intrusive as well ... I don’t like to be a slave to the phone and in these times of cell phones we tend to be slaves to them. They always ring at odd moments and people stop everything they were doing to answer them. If my phone rings and I don’t feel like answering it ... I won’t ... I’ll check later who called and why ..

#2. I am ¼ black american. Obviously my grand father was a black soldier during WW2 ( I say obviously because we never got to know him but when you see my mum you can tell he was not Irish or German!).

#3. I guess because of #2 , I am very found of the english language ( most of the books I read these days are in english ) and of the history of the USA (I read many books about it).

#4. Talking about books, I love books, I always did ... I remember once I started reading, I was reading everything ( books, labels, the cereal box on the breakfast table!).

#5. I do not have a television set and I’m glad I don’t ... The internet is quite enough ( I spend way too much time on it!).

#6. I have a thing about death ... not really morbid ... I am attracted to the fact that all things must pass .. ourselves included... don’t get me wrong I hate losing the people I love , I hate the blindness of fate. But still I love cemeteries , bones, skulls and the odd things some people would find gross. In general, I love odd and old things... here’s an odd and creepy old thing :

#7. I think I started making jewelry because I could not find any that looked like what I wanted ( or what I wanted was out of my reach financially). I also think I am making what I envisionned as a child ( but at that time I did not have the skills to make what I wanted).The piece I like the best is my ever changing “voodoo necklace” ... here’s an update :

Now I have to tag 7 fellow bloggers :

Sherry from Stillwaters Studio

Lindsay Obermeyer

Lucinda Storms

Karen Cole

Stephanie Hilvitz

Julie h.

Robin from Robin’s nest

Have fun!


Still Waters Studio said...

Oooo! Now I have to put my left brain in motion to come up with 7 interesting things about myself.
We have a lot in aversion, lots of books, and jewelry. Also, I think mixed races are so much interesting that just one.

PLO said...

I agree with you on the phone issue FOR SURE! It is to the point that I actually get nervous when my phone is so annoying.

robin dudley-howes said...

Steph....I've never been tagged. this should be fun. You know as I look at your super fabulous voodoo pendant a challenge comes to mind. Wouldn't it be fun to have others join in on their version of a voodoo pendant/necklace/tassel? I make tassels in all types of media and this reminds me of one them. Would you like to do something like that? It could be in the form of a swap or just a virtual show and tell...I don't know but it definitely stirs my imagination. Let me know your thoughts and I'll get busy with my tag homework!

Stephanie said...

Very interesting to learn these things about you. The photo of your skull collection is beautiful.

I'll be thinking about my 7 things....hmmmmm

Melissa said...


These are some interesting facts about yourself that I did not know! Thanks for sharing, these are always fun to read.

andee said...

Hi Steph, I'm sooooo with you on the phone thing. My mobile is always switched off, I only keep it for emergencies. Have I told you yet how much I adore your voodoo necklaces? They're awesome!

belvedere beads said...

thankyou for the tag - i am not sure that i am all that interesting... but will faithfully answer the questions tomorrow. p/s i too loathe the phone.

ArtMind said...

Great facts, Stephanie! I agree about the phone & tv. We do have a tiny little tv but it's only to watch the news or some movie.

Ro Bruhn said...

I love your voodoo necklace, so much fun.

Anonymous said...

"Ne chantez pas la Mort, c'est un sujet morbide
Le mot seul jette un froid, aussitôt qu'il est dit
Les gens du show-business vous prédiront le bide
C'est un sujet tabou pour poètes maudits
La Mort... La Mort...
Je la chante et dès lors, miracle des voyelles
Il me semble que la Mort est la soeur de l'amour
La Mort qui nous attend, l'amour que l'on appelle
Et si lui ne vient pas, elle viendra toujours
La Mort... La Mort..."
Heureusement qu'il n'y a pas le son, je chante comme une casserole ;-)
Biz. Lucie.

Pat de Verre said...

oh me plait vraiment ce collier gri-gri...tout ce que j'aime et que je ne sais pas faire...pour les présentoirs de mon stand: une bouteille Ikea en jonc de mer coiffée d'un masque camourenais que j'ai rapporté il y a + de 30ans de ma vie d'avant, des plateaux en dentelle de métal Ik..toujours et des arbres de Noël en métal rouillé à l'acide ainsi qu'un paravent peint à la bombe avec du vers organique que j'ai percé pour faire office de présentoir à boucles d'oreilles. La débrouille quoi!
ps: va voir mon post d'hier sur mon 2ème blog: