Thursday, December 20, 2007


Some time ago Mary from Ninde Designs sent me faux amber and faux coral beads she made ... Last week I used them ( with other beads I made or bought). The result is a faux antique berber necklace... To see the real one go there.


Stephanie said...

These are faux?? The rich color of them, the necklace is great!

ArtMind said...

Very beautiful necklace!
Steph, I wish you warm holidays and a splendid start of the new year! I hope to see more of you fantastic creations! :)

stef said...

maaaaaaagnifique!! vraiment j'adore! bravo!

Zachary said...

Gorgeous! It looks almost identical to the real thing. I would love to know how to make the coral and amber.

Still Waters Studio said...

That last comment was me but I didn't realize that it posted under my son's identity until I had pushed the button.
Have a blessed Christmas.