Sunday, September 23, 2007

The milky way or organic polymer

I found a great tutorial to learn how to make galalithe. Galalithe is a milk based polymer also known as "french bakelite". You have to heat some milk and pour a few drops of vinegar , then you filter the mixture, allow to dry a bit for 24 hours, then you can use it and turn it into beads or pendants and leave it dry for 3 days ( or more). You can sand it, saw it, file it, patinate it.
It takes time comparing to polymer clay but it's an organic plastic much better for health and environment ( though I will still use polymer clay, at least the one I still have).


Hollie said...

What an amazing idea
I really wnat to ttry it now!

Anonymous said...

thats fascinating and the results great, i love bakalite and the organic nature of this is a real plus

Lindsay said...

Wow!!!!!! I want to learn more!

mouna said...

très réussi!

Still Waters Studio said...

Very cool! I'll have to try that.
The jewelry looks like ivory.

Chou*bijoux said...

Zut.... suis nulle en anglais... bon ça va il me semble que tu speak french!!! bref, j'ai l'impression que ce que tu fais c'est carrément une autre dimension, rien à voir avec ce qu'on voit sur le net et encore moins dans les commerces. J'aime beaucoup ces formes brutes, presque naturelles et pourtant travaillées et cet aspect "rustique classe". J'admire.

Judy said...

Yum nice and grungy.

Ro Bruhn said...

WOW. Must have a go at this, thanks for the instruction. I LOVE what you've made with it.