Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New fused rings

made of fused sterling silver wire ....


masaoms said...

I love your jewels!! I have linked at my blog, i'm going to vist you often!
Best regards,

andee said...

I love the top ring, Steph! The others are great, too, but the top one caught my eyes especially. And your metal work gets better and better!

Lindsay said...

your metal work is getting better and better. i can't wait to see what you start doing in combo with your amazing clay work.

today i wore your button ring to a local art fair and everyone wanted one. i should be your agent! :-) your ring also started a craze at the art center where i work. everyone started making button rings of all kinds. i'll sneak one into your next package.

thanks for the comments about my tissu series. working on a little stitch sample. stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

these are also gorgeous you've got a great feel for the primitive element in metal